Since 2012 we have been breeding Wiltshire Sheep to graze around our olive groves.  These are hardy sheep, that shed their own wool, removing the need to shear them.  They keep the grass down around the trees so their is no need for herbicide use at all in the olive grove.

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For our loyal customers from previous years, rest assured, that the focus with the olive operation remains to produce the highest possible quality of EVOO, and will continue to be so.


April 2012. Gold Medal and Biol New Zealand awards at international Biol awards for organic EVOO, which is held in Bari, Italy each year.

April 2011. Biol New Zealand award, at international Biol awards for organic EVOO, which is held in Bari, Italy each year.

We now have NZFSA approval for our HACCP based Food Safety Programme, which has been audited by Asurequality for the last 3 years.

June 2009 Distinzione awarded in the Medium Class of the l’Orciolo d’Oro awards in Italy.

June 2008. OLI DA OLIVE l”Orciolo d’Oro (Pesaro – Italy) international EVOO awards, based in Italy, awarded first place to Moutere Grove organic EVOO 2007 in the Delicate class. This is a great achievement when our oil is 6 months older than the northern hemisphere oils it was competing against.

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In winter 2002, we built a 2 million gallon reservoir, so that we can irrigate our olive trees in any future dry summer. This will ensure that our trees remain healthy in a drought and ensure the quality of the fruit remains high. The dam also creates both visual and recreational enhancement to the estate.

In April 2001, a new building was completed which is our cool store and, since 2002, our press house. A temperature controlled storage area enables us to optimize the conditions for storage of the oil, and extend its freshness for even longer. Our new olive press arrived from Italy at the end of April 2002, and enables us to press 4-500kg per hour. The press has been dedicated to organic olives and we now process our olives within a matter of hours of picking, to achieve the highest possible quality.