Moutere Grove is listed in ‘L’Extravergine 2005’, a Guide to the best olive oils of the world of certified quality. This guide is written by Marco Oreggia in Rome, and published in Italy. We have been included in this guide again in both 2006 and 2007. He writes:

‘On the nose, it is complex and unusual, rich and strong, characterised by broad vegetal notes of artichokes, head lettuce and fresh mown field hay. In the mouth it is finished and intense, full and strong, provided with elegant tones of pine nuts, sweet almonds and nutty herbs, with clear reminiscence of basil and rosemary. Bitterness and pepper stand out and are well balanced.

It is ideal on marinaded tuna, roasted porcini mushrooms, mixed green salad, vegetable soups, shellfish entrée dishes, turbot al cartoccio and aged cheeses.

Saveur Magazine (USA) writes in the December 2005 edition, in the Saveur list of 12 olive oils: An assertive mix of Leccino, Frantoio, Leccino and Moraiolo olives. Peppery and herbaceous, with hints of artichoke and cut grass.

Judy Ridgway, internationally recognised expert and author on olive oil, has included Moutere Grove in her latest book, ‘Judy Ridgway’s Best Olive Oil Buys Around the World The New Edition’ (2005), which features 135 of the world’s finest olive oils. Her Tasting Notes state:

“This is essentially a herbaceous oil with lemon and nut tones adding interest to the aromas. This is followed by cut grass, bitter herbs and a touch of bitter tobacco leaves. The pepper grows and then fades to leave wet herbs and some soft watercress on the aftertaste.”




Lois Daish, Food Writer wrote in the NZ Listener, ‘2000 In Review’.

“Locally pressed extra virgin olive oils are known for their green and peppery flavours, so it was a pleasant surprise to taste one that was mellow and fruity, with just enough heat to add a dramatic edge. Moutere Grove, near Nelson, an organically grown grove of Leccino and Pendolino varieties from Italy, was planted by Liz and Ed Scott in 1996, and 2000 is their first commercial pressing.”