Moutere Grove has been a certified organic until 2012, now spray free, single estate, producer of fine quality extra virgin olive oil. We have exclusively planted traditional Italian varieties, typical of blended oils from Tuscany. The unique climate and clay soils of the Moutere valley in Nelson add their own character and intensity to the flavours of the oil.

We take all measures to ensure the quality of our product at all stages in the process from growing the olives to the oil reaching the consumer in perfect condition. The olives are pressed within a matter of hours of picking, on the estate, with our OMT Pegaso 500 olive press. Our oils have received international recognition for their excellence.  There will be no change to this quality focus, now we are no longer going to have organic certification.  See News

AWARDS WE HAVE WON Click for a page that lists our international and New Zealand success in awards over the years.

The 2015 oil, which is now available in many outlets, is complex, with fruity rich tones, herbs, freshly cut hay and a hint of tropical fruit on the nose, and a delicious, intense but mellow flavour and a long peppery finish. The free acidity is extremely low, at 0.2% and peroxide value of 3.9mEq/kg. This oil is available in 250ml and 500ml sizes.