Ed & Liz’s ideas for using Moutere Grove olive oil. Remember, fresh Moutere Grove extra virgin olive oil is loaded with anti-oxidants, and is good for you. What’s more, it tastes great!


Dip bread into a bowl of olive oil. Crusty,white bread is better as it does not compete with the flavour of the oil. Try French bread, or pita.

Bruschetta: Toast crusty white bread under the grill or on the BBQ, either rub with the cut surface of a clove of garlic, or a cut ripe tomato, drizzle generously with Moutere Grove olive oil and sprinkle with sea salt to taste. Eat immediately.

Cook pasta until ‘al dente’, drain and run cold water through briefly, then add fresh herbs and/or freshly crushed garlic, drizzle in Moutere Grove olive oil and stir into the pasta. Enjoy the aroma that lifts from the pasta! Serve immediately with the sauce of your choice. Even enjoy it plain , or with a little grated Parmesan.

Drizzle oil over salads instead of vinaigrette or mayonnaise. If you desire, fresh lemon or lime juice can be squeezed over after the oil.

Use on baked potatoes in place of butter or sour cream.

Drizzle over home-made soups


Make a well in a serving of freshly mashed potatoes and pour in Moutere Grove. Eat small bites of the potato with a little oil. Mmmm! Delicious

Cook vegetables such as carrots until cooked but still firm. Add freshly chopped parsley or herbs and dress lightly to glaze with Moutere Grove. The humble carrot excels in this one.


Drizzle over fish or vegetable dishes immediately prior to serving.


A drizzle of Moutere Grove over home-made pizza will add a touch of luxury.

Table olives will be greatly improved by draining the brine, rinsing with fresh water and draining, then glazing with some Moutere Grove in a bowl. If preferred, throw in a sprinkling of freshly chopped herbs.

Serve goat or sheep cheese, or feta cheese dressed with Moutere Grove.

To my surprise, Moutere Grove is divine with ice cream! Try some good quality vanilla icecream (or home made gelato), drizzle with a little Moutere Grove and a tiny pinch of sea salt. It is also possible to make ice cream using our oil.

The imagination is the limit to the possibilities. Taste some of these and then try your own.